ASSX Token

ASSX stands for Alternative Asset Safe Storage Exchange. A utility token to facilitate the exchange of real world  Alternative Assets Investments in the digital world. ASSX Token is built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Alternative Assets

Alternative assets are non traditional investment assets. Examples of these assets are NFT's, Pokémon Cards, NBA, NHL, NFL, UFC Cards, Yu Gi Oh cards, Magic the Gathering cards, Pop! Vinyls, Vintage Video Games & Consoles, Collectible Shoes and Apparel and much more. 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bridge the gap between Digital and Physical Assets. To develop an Alt Asset ecosystem that  ranges from Asset Exchange Platforms, Asset Marketplaces, Safe Asset Storage, Asset Financial Services, Asset Grading and Appraisal Services. Utilising the blockchain as the true form of verifying ownership, smart contracts to execute escrow orders, alt asset backed lending and a fluid token to facilitate the transactions.

What is



ASSX Vault

Introducing the innovative ASSX Vaults. The ASSX Vault concept is a fully automated safe storage solution for all alternative assets. A highly secure vault where users can send their alternative assets to be stored safely and securely. By having alternative assets stored in the ASSX Vault, assets can now change ownership and will be logged on to the blockchain instantly, creating a more fluid market place for Alt Asset Traders. This also allows the implementation of our Asset Backed Lending system. In addition the ASSX Vault will also provide grading and appraisal services of alt assets. 


  • Total Supply: 5,000,000,000

  • Private Sale 1: 10%

  • Private Sale 2: 15%

  • IDO: 10%

  • DEX Liquidity & Fees: 7% 

  • DAO Fund: 5%

  • Liquidity Mining: 10%

  • Dev & Operations: 6%

  • Marketing: 6%

  • Vault Development: 4%  

  • Legal: 3%

  • Team Tokens: 15% Locked & Vested 2 Year

  • Airdrops: 2%

  • Partnerships: 5%

  • Reserves: 2%

Tokens will be distributed and locked for different durations. More information on ASSX Tokenomics and detailed vesting schedule can be found on the  ASSX Litepaper.


We will be exploring partnerships with industry leaders of marketplace and auction platforms like Ebay, Stock X, Ubid, Auctionmaxx, Brinks Security, PSA, Beckett, Nationwide Insurance and insureon. 

Road Map

Token Deployment & Pre-Sale

August 2021

Deployment of ASSX Token on the Ethereum Network. In addition we will be hosting a private and pre-sale rounds for early adopters and community members. Private sale and Pre-Sale participants will get to buy ASSX at discounted rates, compared to the IDO stage and Uniswap listing prices.


In order to increase investor sentiment and trust and mitigate the risk of token dumps after listing onto UniSwap. ASSX Tokens bought during the Private & Pre-Sale rounds will be locked by our smart contract and will be automatically distributed to participating wallets after the vesting period as ended. Private Sale tokens will be locked in for 1 Year and Pre-Sale Tokens will be locked in for 6 Months. In addition all Team allocated ASSX Tokens will be locked in for 1 year as well. 

During this time we will submitting applications to have the ASSX Token Smart contract audited by Techrate

  • Token Deployment

  • ASSX Token Private Sale

  • ASSX Token Pre-Sale

  • Application for Smart Contract Audit

November 2021


  • Uniswap Listing

  • Liquidity Mining Program

ASSX Platform Development

IDO & UniSwap Listing

We will launch our IDO. Upon completion of the IDO, ASSX will be listed on to UniSwap.


All ASSX Tokens allocated for platform development and operations will locked for 6 Months, prior to the IDO Launch. A comprehensive Token Vesting Schedule can be view on the ASSX litepaper.  

We have allocated 10% of our total supply for our Liquidity Mining Rewards Program and will be launch the program shortly after listing on Uniswap

December 2021

There will be alot of exciting developments for ASSX throughout Q4. Our primary goal will be the launching of the ASSX EMA platform. The ASSX EMA platform is the Exchange, Marketplace and Auction platform. This the core platform collectors will use to buy, sell and trade their alternative assets. We plan to launch the beta test by October 2021 and the final release December 2021. 

Development of the ASSX Vault will continue throughout Q4. We aim to release Architectural limited designs and drawings of our ASSX Vault. 

We will continue to expand strategic partnerships and implement the first phase of our marketing plan and submitting applications for additional Exchange Listings.

  • ASSX EMA Platform Development December Release

  • ASSX Vault Schematics, Engineering & Architectural Drawings November Release

  • Strategic Partnerships 

  • Marketing Plan Expansion 

  • Exchange Listings



Our Team

Vincent 2_edited.jpg


Co-founder, CEO



Co-founder, CSO

Steven 2_edited.jpg


Lead Blockchain Developer

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Front End Developer

Hoàng Xuân Quang - BE Developer_edited.jpg


Back End Developer



Community Manager Asia



Co-founder, CTO






Marketing Manager, ASIA

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Back End Developer

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Fullstack Developer

Meet the ASSX Team. Together our team has over 30 years of combined experience in Blockchain & dApp Development, Computer Science, Finance, Marketing, Logistics and Business development. 

Our Advisors


Elena Sinelnikova

Senior Advisor